Hawthorn Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Williams-Hart, Darcel Principal 902-464-2048 dwilliamshart@hrce.ca Twitter
Johnson, Tracey Vice-Principal/Grade Six 902-464-2048 tjohnson@hrce.ca
Urquhart, Ann Administrative Assistant 902-464-2048 aurquhart@hrce.ca Twitter

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Balaban, Gilda Strings 902-464-2048 gbalaban@hrce.ca
Barro Ralph, Jennifer Grade Four/Five 902-464-2048 jbarro-ralph@hrce.ca Website
Campbell, Kim Grade Primary/One 902-464-2048 campbellk@hrce.ca Website
Chiasson, Ashley 40% Music 902 464-2048 ashley.chiasson@hrce.ca
Coffin-Were, Cindy 50% Grade Two - 50% Reading Recovery 902-464-2048 CCoffinWere@hrce.ca Website
Desmond, April Grade Three 902-464-2048 ADesmond@hrce.ca
Donelan, Louisa Grade Six & Grade Two 902 464-2048 ldonelan@hrce.ca
Foot, Matthew Physical Education 902 464-2048 mfoot@hrce.ca
Grattan, Susan Grade Three/Four 902-464-2048 sgrattan@hrce.ca Website
Greene, Rob 10% Band 902-464-2048 sgreene@hrce.ca
Hall, Mary Grade One 902-464-2048 mhall@hrce.ca
Harris, Mary 20% Grade Primary 902-464-2048 MHarris@hrce.ca
Hawthorn Home Learners:, PStulac/Harris, P/1 Campbell,1 Hall Grade Primary /One
Hayes, Angela Grade One/Two 902-464-2048 AHayes@hrce.ca
Higgins, Helen 10% Music 902 464-2048 hhiggins@hrce.ca
Jodrey, John Grade Five/Six 902 464-2048 jjodrey@hrce.ca
Power, Pat Learning Centre Teacher 902-464-2048 ppower@hrce.ca
Rowe, Jillian 40% Guidance Counsellor 902 464-2049 rowej@hrce.ca
Stulac, Sheri Grade Primary 902-464-2048 sstulac@hrce.ca
Whitman, Lenora Elementary Resource Teacher 902-464-2048 whitmanl@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Arthur, Bernice Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-497-3163 barthur@hrce.ca
Benoit, Sandy EPA
Chaisson, Hughina Night Custodian 902 464-2048 HChaisson@hrce.ca
Chaisson, Victoria ECE - Support
Copeman, Deborah 40% Library 902 464-2048 DCopeman@hrce.ca
Fitzner, Brian Daytime Custodian
Gomez, Paulina EXCEL Childcare - Head Instructor 902 497-9989 HawthornXL@hrce.ca
Jewers, Brad School Social Worker 902-483-6127 bjewers@hrce.ca
Lutz, Shayla ECE - Support
MacMillan-MacDonald, Jeanie EPA
McAvoy, Laura Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-219-2696 LMcavoy@hrce.ca Website
Ongo, Nicole ECE - Lead 902 464-2048 nongo@hrce.ca
Pearson, Krista EPA
Pettipas, Laura EPA
Shortt, Nicolla ECE - Lead (902) 464-2048 NShortt@hrce.ca